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ReactOS and why is it (potentially) awesome

When I stumbled upon ReactOS last week, I though of it as nothing more than one of those “hey, here’s another great idea that will ultimately die out from lack of enthusiasm” projects. After some thought, I decided this is […]

300D Infrared conversion

So after buying a (relatively) cheap Canon EOS 300D locally, I decided to convert it for Infrared photography. Normal infrared photography would mean buying a filter (typically a Hoya R72), composing the image on a tripod, fitting the filter in […]

Full Motion Violence

No, I am not becomming an axe murderer. Full Motion Violence (fmv) is the name of a Counter-Strike Source clan that has been revived by it’s previous leader, Adam (a.k.a. Terminator or Hack^) Back in the days of Counter-Strike 1.6 […]

My Free Time

Now that I have finished at University (with a 2:1, yay!) I am looking for a job. Now that I have a lot of free time I can develop all of the applications I started at Uni that were benched […]

Amazing Invention

Amazing Invention

This is completely stolen from pure|zing, but it’s an awesome idea! Brilliant! Solid, attractive, and innovative, you are going to want this hot or cold, go anywhere, brew coffee or tea container! Nine inches tall and made from an unbreakable […]

Stay tuned!

OK readers (Martin), I’m still fine tuning the settings and finding a theme I like, but I will soon have some interesting and digg-worthy stuff to post on-line (HA!) Anyway, I’ve got a theme(/themes) sorted (either a dark red, or […]