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300D Infrared conversion

So after buying a (relatively) cheap Canon EOS 300D locally, I decided to convert it for Infrared photography. Normal infrared photography would mean buying a filter (typically a Hoya R72), composing the image on a tripod, fitting the filter in […]

Full Motion Violence

No, I am not becomming an axe murderer. Full Motion Violence (fmv) is the name of a Counter-Strike Source clan that has been revived by it’s previous leader, Adam (a.k.a. Terminator or Hack^) Back in the days of Counter-Strike 1.6 […]

My Free Time

Now that I have finished at University (with a 2:1, yay!) I am looking for a job. Now that I have a lot of free time I can develop all of the applications I started at Uni that were benched […]