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Full Motion Violence

No, I am not becomming an axe murderer. Full Motion Violence (fmv) is the name of a Counter-Strike Source clan that has been revived by it’s previous leader, Adam (a.k.a. Terminator or Hack^)

Back in the days of Counter-Strike 1.6 the A-Team players (which I filled in for occasionally) were at the top of the most prestigious league of the time, Enemy Down. Now that some players have been reassembled and new ones scouted to play for us we are re-entering the league and hoping for the best.

The reason I am featuring it on my blog is I am also the webmaster for the fmv site and have created some WordPress themes and plug-ins that I will be publishing on here. The theme I originally created was my first, so will not be publicly shown (it was pretty terrible), but I have created a WordPress Widget for monitoring Source Engine servers from WordPress. This will be published soon (it needs some proper testing!)

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