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300D Infrared conversion

So after buying a (relatively) cheap Canon EOS 300D locally, I decided to convert it for Infrared photography.

Normal infrared photography would mean buying a filter (typically a Hoya R72), composing the image on a tripod, fitting the filter in front of the lens with correct filter size and taking a long exposure (~30 secs in sunlight). This still doesn’t yield a very good photo as the noise generated by the process is substantial.

What I did (with the guidance of wnelson of POTN) was to replace the filter in front of the sensor itself with one that allows radiation with wavelength greater than 715nm (to ~1200nm) to pass through. This allows only (invisible to humans) infrared to pass through, resulting in images such as this:

My back garden

All in all I think the 20 or so hours I spent disassembling, driving around to get parts and stress was well spent 🙂

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