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ReactOS and why is it (potentially) awesome

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When I stumbled upon ReactOS last week, I though of it as nothing more than one of those “hey, here’s another great idea that will ultimately die out from lack of enthusiasm” projects. After some thought, I decided this is one of the greatest ‘hit-or-miss’ projects I have seen for a long time. This is because it is basically a clone of Windows.

Although strictly speaking, it is a clone of the Windows NT subsystem, with a new (particularly familiar looking) shell to use it in. The benefits of this operating system are amazingly awesome, and I’ve decided to list some of them for you that I will be looking forward to. I may even decide to have a hand in developing them if I get some time.

This list is more like potentials than actual features that could be implemented (so take them with a grain of salt) because they are all, as I see it, a huge amount of work for anyone.

  • No annoyances (potentially); the fact that this projects is open source means that anyone can develop it. Now, in practice, this is not the case. Not everyone can program, nor does everyone want to, but this young operating system will potentially inspire everyone to give it a go.
  • Software support;
  • Hardware support;
  • Familiarity;
  • Expandability;

Hopefully this list has given you some insight into what I personally expect from the project when it reaches its final stages (because it is nowhere near at the moment). I will definately be keeping my eye on it, and really hope it does not go the same way as so many other great projects.

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