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Windows Won’t Resume From Sleep, How to Diagnose and Fix the Problem.

Backstory: I recently sold some computer components to a friend and after building the computer, it would not resume from S3 sleep. I had previously used the components to sleep and resume many many times, so I did a lot of research into why a computer will sleep and almost resume but not get there. Turns out it’s almost always a badly written device driver that is not ACPI compatible.

Diagnosing the problem

  1. Remove all connected USB devices. If you can, use a PS/2 keyboard and mouse
  2. Run msconfig.exe and chose diagnostic startup (See screenshot)
  3. Open event manager and check if there are any critical errors. Don’t worry too much about the Errors and Warnings
  4. Check for Windows disk errors: Right click on drive and select properties. Go to tools tab and click ‘Check now’ under Error-checking. See below for screenshot.

If the problem is now fixed, you can now start enabling some items on the startup.

  1. Run msconfig.exe again
  2. Select the Services tab
  3. Add all of the microsoft services and restart again.
  4. If this has not returned, keep adding 1-2 services and restart again to diagnose which is problematic

If the problem wasn’t fixed by the diagnosis startup, then it’s a driver/hardware issue. Try using to discovery which is the issue.

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